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ClitheroeCam - A View of Our Town

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the town of Clitheroe, may never have visited and may know little or nothing of its location as a market town on the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire, or of its history, its amenities and its essential character. Likewise, whilst hesitating to use the old adage about familiarity and contempt, it is true that many of us who have lived all or most of our lives here can tend to forget or ignore the qualities, good or bad, of what our town surrounds us with each day.

Like all Civic Societies, our main purpose is to encourage preservation and enhancement of the good and eradication of the bad and this page tries to show the Clitheroe that we care so much about. The photographs will be replaced each week or two. They are free of copyright so please feel free to download them for your own purposes. However, if you publish them further, please credit Clitheroe Civic Society and the photographer, Alan Dixon.

The Castle - A problem in the Rose Garden

This is the Rose Garden in its original form.

    This photo courtesy of the Clitheroe Library Reference Section


It was constructed at the expense of the Clitheroe Borough's M.P. from 1922 to 1945, Captain Sir William Brass, Baron Chattisham of Clitheroe and was a gift to the Borough to mark the Coronation, on 12th May 1937, of King George VI. At its centre stands one of the original turrets from the parapet of the Houses of Parliament which were built between 1840 and 1854.

At the Millenium, the Rose Garden was completely redesigned to the layout shown below - with the turret still taking pride of place at its centre..

Unlike its surroundings, the turret is now some 150 years old and is showing its age quite badly. 

There's a good deal of cracking in the top sections.

Much of the smaller detailed carving has eroded away.

....and the once fierce, proud lions are looking somewhat sorry for themselves.

What to do, what can be done? We don't yet know but, watch this space.......!

However, since the above report was compiled, we have been very active and the Society is now spearheading a project to raise funds and to restore the pinnacle to its former glory. Details of this are fully reported in a newly added page to this website - "The Pinnacle Project".